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_Fav IMG_1899On my own journey, I’ve discovered that while I love working with women and men to accentuate and adorn their outer beauty, my deeper passion and work has been with unveiling people’s authentic Inner Beauty.

This is no accident. From the beginning of my life I struggled with my own body image, self esteem, and confidence. I punished myself for not looking a certain way, felt insecure around others, and excelled at self punishment. Simply put, I grew up feeling like an ugly duckling!

22 years ago, I became dedicated to bringing men and women back to their Inner Beauty while honoring their outer beauty. Through this exploration I slowly found myself beginning to accept who I was as a woman. Years of cleansing, coaching, art, and beauty rituals helped me unlock one secret at a time. Along the way, I discovered the meaning of finding balance, mindfulness, and awakening my own Inner-G(Inner Guidance, Guru, Greatness). I started to find deeper self love.

With all my tools and nuggets of wisdom I gathered along my own journey to self discovery, I began my own personal adventure of reinvention that led me to develop The 40 Day Green Cleanse.

During my pregnancy with my son RaYa, my body went through some great challenges as it adapted to the needs of my son including depression, Bells Palsy, inflammation, and cervical radiculopathy. I ended up weighing 204+ pounds by the end of my pregnancy. And even when my son was born, my body worked overtime to nourish his needs. While I lost some baby weight with eating healthy and exercise, my body stayed stagnant and I still felt depressed, lifeless, and unhealthy. I felt like I aged 15 years in mere months.
_Fav IMG_1940
Beyond my incredible love I shared with my son, his survival was based on my ability to perform the everyday mundane tasks of a new mama. But, what about me?

I knew that the only way to get my body back in balance was to mentor and birth myself back to a new version of me. The first thing that came to my mind was to cleanse my body in March 2014. My son was 11 months old.

I was against all the previous ways of detoxing I had done and been coached through in the past. I had a strong intention to eat organic foods from the earth – no pills or powders. I was led to green, nourishing, alkaline, life giving foods. I applied the personal rituals I’ve practiced throughout my life and found health, mindfulness, embodiment and self love. I had no other choice and no one to turn to but myself.

Within the first 40 days, I shifted from depression, insecurity, and quickly aging body and mind to increased self esteem, confidence, love, and awareness. I opened myself up to expanding my path in what I share with the world; beauty, aliveness, and love. In recreating myself as a woman I have achieved my own personal heights in such a short amount of time.

I’m not only the creator of The 40 Day Green Cleanse. I’m the original customer. Everything you’re about to experience, I experienced first. I had shed almost 50 pounds in less than 6 months time and found myself deeper in love with who I am. The tools I used for my own re-creation are the tools I offer others live their best life possible!

I’m in deep gratitude for the ability to not only change my own life but to inspire so many others to powerfully transform themselves and their lives holistically from the inside-out.

You may have seen my Before, During, and After photos before. I’m sharing them again!

My personal reinvention

My personal reinvention from March 1st to August 2014.

Some may look at these pictures and say I’m showing off-I like to think of it as Showing UP. And SHINING.

This cleanse program is not just a way of living for me, but it implements the “rituals” or “intentional structures” around food and self care that I was lacking before. I knew how to eat healthy and cleanse, what I didn’t know was HOW to live a healthy life from a cleanse and beyond. I was always confused in how to sustain a healthy life, mind, and body for life. Now I know it is from a holistic approach to how we nourish ourselves in every way with food, mindfulness, embodiment, and self love.

Of course, I ebb and flow like most people do in any routine; exercise, yoga and meditation for example. But, I always know that practice will help me ingrain a new way of living that becomes automatic. It is in the practice that I have become the woman I am today.

Today, I feel Strong. Powerful. Beautiful. And I have created a lifestyle that honors my Inner-G so I can model inner beauty and self love to my son and husband. Together, we are healthier, happier, and more on purpose in our lives that ever before.

Thank you for reading my story. If I can be a loving light on your path, I welcome the opportunity.

In Love,


About Yve Hart
Yve Hart is founder of The Inner-G Movement and creator of The 40 Day Green Cleanse. A transformative mentor, passionate speaker, and intuitive artist and healer, Yve helps men and women reconnect to their Inner-G (Inner Guidance, Inner Guru, Inner Greatness,) so they can shift from ego to intuition, emotions to empowerment, from hiding in the shadows to shining in all areas of their lives. With her cleanses, intuitive coaching, and community events, Yve facilitates powerful breakthroughs that free up emotional blocks using creative and effective daily rituals to clear spiritual blind spots, release weight, toxins, and ego, that nourish people from the inside out.