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Levels-IMG_1603The 40 Day Green Cleanse is NEW AND IMPROVED! We are a guided online community cleanse. It includes coaching, posted daily inquiries, mind, body and self lovin’ practices, and a list of delicious green vegetables and fruits including my favorite recipes and more.

You can create delicious green meals by eating them in a variety of ways – RAW, COOKED, JUICED, etc.

You have the option to choose your own cleanse duration (from 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, 40 days) and which level (1-4) you want to start at.  Start with an easier level and gradually shift to a more cleansing level.

Check out what is included below as we have added more value to our program with each round!

What is included when I join The Green Team? 

A Shopping List
You’ll get a list of delicious green fruits, veggies, nuts, teas, and my personal favorite recipes along with my signature recipe for Chai Tonic and personal recommendations on “neutral” foods.  There are 4 lists to choose from the most advanced to beginner levels and you can mix and match depending on your goals, level of comfort, and what your body may require.  I will be guiding you on how to choose your level  on our first call.

Community Coaching Support
Members will enjoy 4 live Facebook videos with Yve and the green team members for guidance, inspiration, and to ask questions on the spot.  The Facebook live videos are meant for guidance and tips on cleansing, short and powerful guided meditations to expand your body awareness and embody your Inner-G(Inner Guidance, Guru, Greatness) and to answer all your questions.  This is intended to be fun, informative, and keep you engaged in your success~

Green Team Member postings of pictures and recipes are highly recommended to give other members ideas and inspiration. I have discovered in my experience with cleansing that being part of a community is extremely encouraging in achieving success. All posts are secret and only members of the group will see what is being posted.

(these videos will be available to view at your convenience)

A welcome PDF + Cleansing Guide on How to Prepare for your cleanse!
This guide is filled with suggestions for where to purchase particular foods, suggested brands or alternatives to your regular brands, the 4 levels of cleansing, what is possible on the cleanse, shopping guide, everyday detox tips, how to shop, the importance of water, sample menus, tips for eating out, breaking the cleanse, and more.

This allows everyone in the group to access over 100+ recipes, the PDF, Welcome recordings and quadrant recordings and much more information about the cleanse and cleansing- all in one convenient place.  This portal will also have the daily countdown and a private reflection form so you can track your progress.

Green Team Recipes:  Over 100+ creative Green Team recipes that have been added in addition to my own that have been added to the secret online “recipe book” and is an added bonus.  The recipes will knock your socks off and include green bread, pasta, pie, burgers, tonics, juices, ice creme, and so much more from the super basic to the gourmet!

Guidance on how to transition on and off the cleanse
Including my best tips for how to make lasting changes to your daily eating habits.

What Can I Eat On The Cleanse?

  1. All green organic veggies and fruits (a list will be provided for all 4 levels)
  2. Lentils, peas, chia seeds, and mung beans are wonderful sources of protein and “grounding foods” for this cleanse on all 4 levels.
  3. Pistachios and Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are great when you need a boost in protein (1-3 times a week) on all 4 levels.
  4. Cooked grains are okay once a week if needed
  5. Animal protein, yogurt, and a wider variety of neutral foods are available for you to choose on level 3-4.
  6. Chai Tonic is delicious and can be taken all day throughout the entire cleanse. Drink it hot or cold depending on the season. This tea does wonders for the nervous system. It helps cut cravings and gives you a slight bit of energy to keep going strong. It keeps us away from coffee and sugar and tastes wonderful!
  7. Eat as much as your body wants!

There are many delicious and creative recipes to try on this cleanse

About The Four Cleanse Levels

Level 1: Tree of Life

The Tree of Life a symbol to all life itself; past, present, and future coming together in this incredible adventure of self discovery. The Tree level is a 100% green mono diet and rebuilds important nutrients in your body while giving you the most advanced cleansing and weight loss benefits of all the levels.

On this level, you will receive a simple list of green fruits, green vegetables, green herbs, and the recipe for the popular Chai Tea Tonic.

This level is for experienced cleansers who are well prepared and accustomed in the simple ways of eating and experiencing ground breaking transformation you never thought possible. This level is also highly recommended for individuals who need to alkalize their systems very quickly.

Level 2: Root

Root Level is a moderate cleanse that teaches us to gather strength from our deepest roots so we can create a powerful foundation for greater freedom in life. By far, this is the most popular level. The Root Level inspires a totally new way of being while experiencing more creativity in the kitchen, all while receiving great cleansing and nutrient building results.

This level includes green fruits, green vegetables, The Chai Tea Tonic recipe, herbs and colorful spices, and a list of neutral foods including salt, pepper, and other flavorful and nutritional and healthy condiments. This level fully supports you as you let go of all expectations and your life transforms.

Level 3: Sprout

Sprouting happens at the perfect time when you feel like being gentle with yourself and for those who are curious about what it feels like to let go of what holds us back, what no longer serves us, and what is not in alignment with our goals.

The Sprout Level is the mildest level and similar to the Root Level with the addition of organic free range chicken, tofu, fish, lamb, turkey, eggs, and any lean unprocessed meats. There is also a neutral list provided on this cleanse that gives you more variety to experiment with.

This level is also an option for individuals curious and unsure about cleansing at levels Root and Tree and for those who are required to ingest animal protein. The Sprout Level is intended for individuals who are transitioning into a level Root or Tree as a preparation for their journey. You can start with level Root or Tree and complete the rest of the cleanse at Sprout or Seed if need be.

Level 4: Seed

In the spirit of new beginnings, the seedling is meant for transitioning off or on the cleanse or for those who are just curious about making small changes at a time. It’s composed of consuming 50% green fruits and vegetables with your current diet. This level is a great way to continue integrating the delicious dishes you have made for yourself on the cleanse and continue on the healthy path for life.

*A strong recommendation is to avoid dairy products (except for greek yogurt or kefir if you wish), wheat, gluten, corn, processed foods, alcohol, fried foods, and sugar for best results.

**After the initial cleanse, levels 2 through 4 have been implemented into a daily lifestyle choice for many.

***All levels have the capacity to bring about powerful change on this program. We all have a starting point and taking a single step towards your transformation is what matters most on any level. The power of presence and awareness will be available for all on all levels. The levels are not intended to make one better than the other. On the contrary, all levels exist in ONE unified field and provides all of us with a platform to reveal the best version of ourselves to live in harmony with all of life.