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Stinging Nettle Tea Triad

This super triad tea is great for our program as an everyday medicinal tonic because of it’s overall digestive aid, calming effects, anti-inflammatory magic helping you on your cleanse program, and feel good properties. Just to name a few!  Stinging Nettle, Mint and a secret ingredient are at work for our new tonic on the program. …
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Rooted in Wisdom

Good Morning #greencommunity! Woke up this morning INSPIRED!  I hope this message moves you into your YES if the time because the is ripe.   . Can you love and trust yourself enough to surrender to how powerful you truly are?  We ALL just have to let go and believe we are living on earth…
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*Yve’s anti-inflammatory juice RECIPE*

Why all the hype about green juice?  These “green people” must be on to something-right? Most of my clients and green team members that I see are suffering from inflammation even if they are at their ideal weight or overweight.  As I see it, we in the western part of our world have to be taught…
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Soaking your nuts & seeds

Nuts over Soaking Your Nuts and seeds

Anyone who has ever known me while on The 40 Day Green Cleanse knows that I’m a big fan of including green nuts and seeds in our regimen as they add a variety of essential vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and are a wonderful source of plant protein and fibers.   They lend a wide range of flavor…
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dying for green power

Endings aren’t as bad as you think  There is beauty in letting go of something or letting it completely die as a completion of a cycle in your life.   Our global team reached 63 members.  It was our last 40 Day Green cleanse for 2015- Our 5th round this year! Have you ever had to let…
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Food as Ritual- Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos!

Dia de los Muertos is a day to honor lost loved ones and ancestors through feasting, creativity, and remembrance. I had the honor of participating in Dia de los Verdes, a Long Beach sustainability event that brought the community together as a day to remember and uplift our planet and all the gifts she provides. The event also…
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new found Inner-G

I couldn’t be more proud of our latest cleanser Julene Julz for all of the inner and outer work she has done on The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  Her courage, vulnerability, and dedication to ‘working’ on herself even after the cleanse is over is so inspiring and I think one of the reasons she was…
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Matcha Green Tea Balls” *RECIPE*

A common question I get asked by people that are on a health kick or The 40 Day Green Cleanse program  is, “Yve, what foods do we eat around the holidays that are healthy and delicious?” My response is listen to your Inner-G(guidance).   As always, the first priority should be to focus on what you need and…

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A transformational worth talking about~

We just finished another round of The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  I would love to share Marlene’s success story with you all. “When I first heard about Yve Hart’s success, I was very interested in her transformation. I had been trying for months to change things for myself. After my father died in 2013, I…
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