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Strawberry Dream Shake

This drink right here is one of my favorites for the Spring or Summer time.  It’s also one of the drinks that you can make for yourself on level 4 of our program.  Level 4 is the maintenance/lifestyle level or for those who want to take it easy on our program.   The drink is perfect…
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*Yve’s anti-inflammatory juice RECIPE*

Why all the hype about green juice?  These “green people” must be on to something-right? Most of my clients and green team members that I see are suffering from inflammation even if they are at their ideal weight or overweight.  As I see it, we in the western part of our world have to be taught…
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Food as Ritual- Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos!

Dia de los Muertos is a day to honor lost loved ones and ancestors through feasting, creativity, and remembrance. I had the honor of participating in Dia de los Verdes, a Long Beach sustainability event that brought the community together as a day to remember and uplift our planet and all the gifts she provides. The event also…
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