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Rooted in Wisdom

Good Morning #greencommunity! Woke up this morning INSPIRED!  I hope this message moves you into your YES if the time because the is ripe.   . Can you love and trust yourself enough to surrender to how powerful you truly are?  We ALL just have to let go and believe we are living on earth…
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Want clearer skin, a stronger immune system (especially as the weather cools), improved digestion, and anti-aging benefits? Then Eat miso!   You can get all these benefits from eating miso and it is one of my favorite go-to meals on or off our program! Here at The 40 Day Green Cleanse we are always on…
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DIY Fire Cider *RECIPE*

  Fire Cider is a traditional remedy with deep roots in folk medicine. Fire Cider is an health tonic consisting of a yummy combo of vinegar infused with powerful decongestant, anti inflammatory roots, and spicy circulatory movers like ginger, jalapeno, and garlic. Fire Cider is a super easy to incorporate into your daily diet to…
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Soaking your nuts & seeds

Nuts over Soaking Your Nuts and seeds

Anyone who has ever known me while on The 40 Day Green Cleanse knows that I’m a big fan of including green nuts and seeds in our regimen as they add a variety of essential vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and are a wonderful source of plant protein and fibers.   They lend a wide range of flavor…
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