Upgrade vs Illness

Have you ever STOPPED what you were doing and listened deeply?  And really listened.    It’s common for our bodies to communicate that “something” feels off.  And many times we react to that silence or that inner voice with a movie, scrolling Facebook, or a weekend getaway.  No matter how much we try to quiet that inner…
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dying for green power

Endings aren’t as bad as you think  There is beauty in letting go of something or letting it completely die as a completion of a cycle in your life.   Our global team reached 63 members.  It was our last 40 Day Green cleanse for 2015- Our 5th round this year! Have you ever had to let…
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Spotlight on Spicy Kiwi Chutney *RECIPE*

“This 40 Day green cleanse has been a gentle reminder that as our senses open up, so does our awareness and our ability to share and receive love, think openly, create, connect and feel inspired to live in our own bodies”.  Shannon Buchanon Shannon is a shining example of someone who got the creative itch…

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Mindfulness Mantra- an act of pleasure

It’s day 13 on The 40 Day Green Cleanse and we’ve entered the Mindfulness Quadrant.  This is one of my favorite quadrants as it asks us to slow down and make eating more of a mindful practice rather than a quick way to keep us going throughout the day.  We are asked to take time to…
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