Coffee Chai Kombucha *Recipe*

Wow, do we have a recipe for you, and right in time for The Holidays! Our talented Green Team member Lily Begler has graciously offered us her delicious and incredibly healthy Coffee Chai Kombucha recipe. This brew is bound to be a crowd pleaser at a time when many of us will need to counteract the joyful indulgences of…

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Turkey and Green Bean Roast, W/ Pan Fried Sage and Gluten-Free Gravy *Recipe*

FINALLY, the weather is starting to cool, the leaves are starting to change, and we here in So Cal are really starting to crave that ‘Fall Feeling’ in the air. With Halloween right around the corner, and Thanksgiving not too far behind, we are often pressed with the task to come up with festive and rich meals…
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Calabacitas *Recipe*

For many regions in the U.S., the end of summer can mean the end of squash and zucchini season, so what better time is there than the present to celebrate these wonderful and extremely versatile veggies? The Latin dish Calabacitas, or squash in Spanish, is a savory, spicy, and deeply satisfying dish that is often…
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Tired of feeling guilty?

Are you tired of feeling guilty over what you eat?  The late night snack, the third helping, that second piece of birthday cake.  Feeling guilty about eating isn’t going to help anything. It keeps you in that place of shame and dislike for self that can hold you back in so many areas of your…
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I am a SUPER MODEL for my son… Being a super model for my son is more than just choosing to eat healthy foods and being uber conscience of what I keep in my fridge and cabinets.  My dedication to stay healthy and happy is so I can also share more love with the ones that…
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Eating Green on the Road

My family flies in from London and rents an amazing house right on the gorgeous Manhattan Beach Strand every summer. One of their favorite pastimes is to take us out to nice dinners about 3-4 times a week. But, being that I am eating green, I knew I would have to do some planning and preparation…
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Warm me up baby!

Happy New Year!  T’is the season to wrap yourself up in a blanket and slow down.  The darker, cooler months are asking us to turn inward, slow down and warm up. The following suggestions are good for everyone learning about self care and especially important for those of you who have started a cleanse in…
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my secret journal of reinvention

My personal adventure of reinvention on The 40 Day Green Cleanse in 2014 might have appeared like my primary focus was to lose weight. Yes, I lost 40 pounds (at age 40) and 47 total pounds since this blog post and picture, but what lies under the surface is a strong dedication for self growth and…
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Fierce 40!

After I completed The 40 Day Green Cleanse,  I was jumping with joy with the flood of responses I received from the last blog post 40 days of self lovin‘.  The many responses were from people interested in accomplishing what I accomplished for myself.  I am wholeheartedly dedicated to helping all these individuals because I…
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