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Juice for Love 4 tips on juice cleansing

Cleansing is my favorite way of rebooting my system when my body calls for it .  I enjoy having a variety of ways to eat and drink on a cleanse, and for that exact reason The 40 Day Green Cleanse was created.  And now we will be benefiting from cleansing with juice and broth which…
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Food as Ritual- Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos!

Dia de los Muertos is a day to honor lost loved ones and ancestors through feasting, creativity, and remembrance. I had the honor of participating in Dia de los Verdes, a Long Beach sustainability event that brought the community together as a day to remember and uplift our planet and all the gifts she provides. The event also…
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RaYa’s magical birth story

Happy Birthday RaYa!!!  April 15, 2013         Thank you for following this blog.  As you know, this is an incredible journey of a lifetime for me. And, I am so proud to share this part of it!  THIS is the part that makes my heart skip a beat as it fills with…
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