Stinging Nettle Tea Triad

This super triad tea is great for our program as an everyday medicinal tonic because of it’s overall digestive aid, calming effects, anti-inflammatory magic helping you on your cleanse program, and feel good properties. Just to name a few!  Stinging Nettle, Mint and a secret ingredient are at work for our new tonic on the program. …
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Juice for Love 4 tips on juice cleansing

Cleansing is my favorite way of rebooting my system when my body calls for it .  I enjoy having a variety of ways to eat and drink on a cleanse, and for that exact reason The 40 Day Green Cleanse was created.  And now we will be benefiting from cleansing with juice and broth which…
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Coffee Chai Kombucha *Recipe*

Wow, do we have a recipe for you, and right in time for The Holidays! Our talented Green Team member Lily Begler has graciously offered us her delicious and incredibly healthy Coffee Chai Kombucha recipe. This brew is bound to be a crowd pleaser at a time when many of us will need to counteract the joyful indulgences of…

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Turkey and Green Bean Roast, W/ Pan Fried Sage and Gluten-Free Gravy *Recipe*

FINALLY, the weather is starting to cool, the leaves are starting to change, and we here in So Cal are really starting to crave that ‘Fall Feeling’ in the air. With Halloween right around the corner, and Thanksgiving not too far behind, we are often pressed with the task to come up with festive and rich meals…
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dying for green power

Endings aren’t as bad as you think  There is beauty in letting go of something or letting it completely die as a completion of a cycle in your life.   Our global team reached 63 members.  It was our last 40 Day Green cleanse for 2015- Our 5th round this year! Have you ever had to let…
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Mindfulness Mantra- an act of pleasure

It’s day 13 on The 40 Day Green Cleanse and we’ve entered the Mindfulness Quadrant.  This is one of my favorite quadrants as it asks us to slow down and make eating more of a mindful practice rather than a quick way to keep us going throughout the day.  We are asked to take time to…
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Tired of feeling guilty?

Are you tired of feeling guilty over what you eat?  The late night snack, the third helping, that second piece of birthday cake.  Feeling guilty about eating isn’t going to help anything. It keeps you in that place of shame and dislike for self that can hold you back in so many areas of your…
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What have I done for me lately?

After I completed The 40 Day Green Cleanse, I contemplated in my new found excitement. I asked the universe how can I inspire others on a deeper level to live the most beauty-full life possible, inside and out. The universe answered my call through multiple clients, family members, and friends. The answer was to guide…
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from ugly duckling to beauty~

When I was a small child I would always admire my mother’s beauty.  I would gaze at her beauty with awe and hopes that one day I can be that beautiful.  But, I intuitively knew that her outer beauty did not match how she felt on the inside. I wondered what beauty really was. My…
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