Coffee Chai Kombucha *Recipe*

Wow, do we have a recipe for you, and right in time for The Holidays! Our talented Green Team member Lily Begler has graciously offered us her delicious and incredibly healthy Coffee Chai Kombucha recipe. This brew is bound to be a crowd pleaser at a time when many of us will need to counteract the joyful indulgences of…

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Pistachio Nutella with Serrano *RECIPE*

It’s officially FALL now, which means the beginning of cooler weather (well, not so much in LA and SoCal quite yet.. but we’re ready for it!), the Holidays, and all the delicious, festive treats that are part of the season! At this time of the year, many of us are concerned with honoring our health…
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Tired of feeling guilty?

Are you tired of feeling guilty over what you eat?  The late night snack, the third helping, that second piece of birthday cake.  Feeling guilty about eating isn’t going to help anything. It keeps you in that place of shame and dislike for self that can hold you back in so many areas of your…
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I am a SUPER MODEL for my son… Being a super model for my son is more than just choosing to eat healthy foods and being uber conscience of what I keep in my fridge and cabinets.  My dedication to stay healthy and happy is so I can also share more love with the ones that…
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Eating Green on the Road

My family flies in from London and rents an amazing house right on the gorgeous Manhattan Beach Strand every summer. One of their favorite pastimes is to take us out to nice dinners about 3-4 times a week. But, being that I am eating green, I knew I would have to do some planning and preparation…
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