Stinging Nettle Tea Triad

This super triad tea is great for our program as an everyday medicinal tonic because of it’s overall digestive aid, calming effects, anti-inflammatory magic helping you on your cleanse program, and feel good properties. Just to name a few!  Stinging Nettle, Mint and a secret ingredient are at work for our new tonic on the program.   Read below to find out the amazing and healing properties of the Stinging Nettle Tea Triad.  

Lately, nettle is one of the key elements in my daily tea rituals I love the taste, the smell, and how beautiful it is.  And of course, it has a TON of benefits.  Nettle is almost always overlooked and destroyed because it is often thought of as a pesky ‘weed’.  I used to pluck nettle out of my garden before I knew how many benefits it actually had, and took it as a sign that if it is growing like crazy in my garden- it must be telling me to eat it and drink it right? It could be worth it’s weight in gold, but it is also a nuisance with the uncomfortable sting and irritations and it could leave on the skin when you touch or rub against it’s fresh leaves.  I actually sting myself on purpose as I feel it is a benefit.  The research is inconclusive on the benefit of the sting but I have a feeling it is beneficial for us in some way.  Once the leaves have been boiled or the oils have been extracted, the Nettle is safe to use.

Stinging Nettle is the main ingredient in this tea and for good reason. The benefits of it spans wide in the many ways it touches almost every part of the body. Nettle promotes bone health, can increase muscle mass, relieves tension and stress on the heart, and treats respiratory issues. It’s anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, detoxifies the body and promotes feminine health. Which includes promoting a healthy pregnancy and labor, but always ask your doctor before taking any herbs while you are pregnant. Indeed the miracle plant has given my brain the boost it needs everyday because of the amazing ways it boosts serotonin levels in the brain.  

The second ingredient is Mint. Mint is super on the digestive system, it tastes great going in and does so much good while working it’s way through. Promoting a healthy digestion and oral health and fresh breath, treats nausea and headaches, fights depression and fatigue and has been known to improve memory. By adding mint to your diet, you may also be contributing to weight loss.  

The tea with just these 2 ingredients alone will be a superpower to your health!  

Ingredient #3 and is called ‘the elixer of life’ by some! The smell alone triggers a calming effect, but when used in the tea it acts as a mild digestive aid and has a light flavor as well.  It is powerful to boost the immune and endocrine system and that is why I sneak it into my son’s cup of tea, water, or lemonaide every chace I get to keep him strong and healthy.  It is a wonderful aid and highly beneficial for autoimmune disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, and Vertigo as claimed by Anthony Williams.   It has the power to treat certain bacterial and viral infections. It is rich in anti-oxidants, which has been utilized in the treatment in the elderly who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

To find out ingredient #3 in the recipe for Nettle Tea Triad please join our program!!  

Nettle Tea Recipe:

4-6 leaves (may include stems) of fresh nettle or 1 tea bag

4-6 leaves of mint (also may include stems) or 1 tea bag

Monk fruit sweetener or stevia (zero glycemic), or honey(all optional)

Pour hot/boiling water over the leaves and let stand for 7-10 minutes

Makes 2 cups of tea with leaves. Use looseleaf  to combine the ingredients and to make enough for one serving if you prefer.

ENJOY with a smile ?



I invite you to join me for the next 40 Day Green Cleanse, where you will get access to many other recipes with equally, if not more amazing super powers to get your body and mind aligned!

Yve ? 

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