Splurge Alert

I am SPLURGING on everything from bread, sugar, meat, and dairy have all landed on my plate in the last 4 days with a bit of discernment and a lot of gusto. Yes, I must agree that it taste oh so good. I am SPLURGING because I am starting my own personal cleanse tomorrow for the next 40 days.   But of course nothing beats the high of eating high vibrational foods that align with one’s spirit which are all foods that my normal diet offers me.  

AND, sometimes you gotta just SPLURGE, am I right?

My advice to everyone entering a cleanse is to celebrate with your favorite foods!  Go ahead and SPLURGE a little.  But, give yourself at least 3 days to slowly transition into a cleanse to give your body an easy time releasing the foods you have eaten- especially sugar and caffeine.   

Vegan Berry/Apple Cobbler

Even though I don’t crave the same foods I used to crave in the past, I still make the time to splurge.  That time has come once again!  Splurging has become a part of my preparation to cleanse.  Tomorrow I start my own personal cleanse for 40 days and that means that I have been splurging to prepare!  

Eating these types of foods is sort of a ritual celebration and I always suggest to cleansers to also have their last favorite meals several days before the start of their cleanse. 

Since these foods are not a part of my normal routine, I celebrate them now, eating them mindfully, and of course eating them wholeheartedly with my mouth lol! Soon enough I will not crave them and the temporary desire for them will disappear.  But if I continue this for a longer period of time, the more I will crave them. The cravings are real, the struggle is real, and the addiction is real. I’ve been there and I get it, so I won’t be intending to go past these 4 days of splurging.   

My normal day to day nutrition (off a cleanse) is filled with delicious plant based foods, fruit and a little fish and celebratory healthy desserts on the weekends and is anything but boring.  It may look a little “boxed” in for some of you reading this, but I have learned along my path that boxing myself in would mean not allowing for the BEST nutrition to feed my body.  At times I do integrate hormone free/grass fed protein, gluten free bread, tofu, or cheese for example, and balance it out with a little celebratory foods here and there.   But, mostly I would say I have a plant based diet.

Regardless of how my palate has evolved over the years, I’m completely fulfilled, more than ever, eating the foods I eat.  The most powerful aspect of being on a cleanse is the clear connection that develops between me and my Inner-Guidance. My Inner-G is my number one fan.  My Inner “G” never steers me in the wrong direction.  It has lead me towards being a vegan for months, incorporating meat for a few months, and eating “empty calorie foods” without judgement now and again.  Now it’s leading me towards my own personal cleanse that starts tomorrow!  Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Yes, this is my own personal cleanse before I lead the next online group! 

What is your Inner-G saying?  What is your inner critic saying?  Remember, the critic in you wants to stay comfortable to avoid change.  But your Inner-G is expansive and relishes inner and outer change!

I have discovered that this deep love that I have for myself leads me to crave change in others to love themselves.  I have discovered that we can love ourselves deeply with the foods that we eat.  The 40 Day Green Cleanse is a ritual, an artful experience, an authentic practice that leads to deep inner LOVE.  

Never give up on LOVE.    

I choose clarity, body awareness, self-love, freedom  and FUN~

Love yourself first,


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