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Meet Yve Hart, Spokes Woman For men and women Ready To Awaken, Empower, & Ignite Their Inner-G\ (Green, Greatness, Guidance, Guru, Goddess)

As founder of The Inner-G Movement and creator of The 40 Day Green Cleanse, Yve is on a mission to show men and women how to shift from ego to intuition, emotions to empowerment, from hiding in the shadows to shining in all areas of their lives. These powerful breakthroughs occur thanks to cultivating creative and effective daily rituals that clear spiritual blind spots, release weight, toxins, and ego, and nourish people from the inside out.

Yve’s signature keynote Awaken Your Inner-G: How To Release Body Toxins & Weight, Curb Cravings, & End Emotional Eating For Good! Is part motivational speech, part transformational experience, and part action-oriented empowerment.

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