The 40 Day Green Cleanse

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The 40 Day Green Cleanse is a guided ONLINE group cleanse and transformational experience that offers tools for self awareness and opening the door to more inner guidance, health and a more vibrant, and fulfilling life.

It includes Yve’s live coaching on your private Facebook group, daily connection and engagement, access to a Member’s Only Website that includes 100+ recipes, The Green Team (your online fellow cleansers), mind, body and self lovin’ practices, an ebook of delicious green vegetables and fruits with 4 different levels to choose from.

Throughout the program you will prepare, eat, and enjoy delicious green meals – both raw and/or cooked – and experience amazing results. While the cleanse is a full 40 days, you may opt to start with a shorter cleanse based on your comfort level.

What You will get when you join the cleanse?

  1. Yve’s inspirational quotes, questions, and guidance posts to assist you on your program.
  2. The 40 Day Green Cleanse **NEW AND IMPROVED GUIDE which includes a list of green foods for levels 1-4 of the cleanse, What’s Possible, The 4 Quadrants of the Cleanse, How To Prepare to Cleanse, Shopping Guide,Everyday Detox Tips, How to Shop, Sample Menu, Tips for Eating Out, How to Break the Cleanse and MORE~ (This PDF will be emailed to you within a week before the program starts).
  3. A private online **NEW MEMBERS ONLY WEBSITE ACCESS (You will be added 5-7 days before we start to access the details below).
  4. Yve’s Facebook Live-streams intended for guidance, questions, and inspiration!
  5. Recorded calls to help you navigate the cleanse.
  6. Yve’s signature recipes including Yve’s signature Chai Tonic recipe
  7. Community Support throughout all stages of the cleanse including additional recipes, tools, and information that is shared on our private members only FB group.
  8. Cleanse enrollment is open up to 7 days after cleanse kicks off for late starters.
  9. Access to work privately with Yve for an additional cost here.

Bonus: Over 100+ Green Team Members recipes have been contributed to our program so far and counting!
The recipes on our page include simple to gourmet recipes like Hummus, Shakes, Pie, Soups, Burgers, Bread, Pizza, and super simple foods too for the non cooks!

What Can I eat During The 40 Day Green Cleanse?

  1. All green organic veggies and fruits (a list will be provided including legumes and seeds for all levels.
  2. A list of animal protein sources for levels 3 and 4
  3. The flexibility of prepping your foods cooked, raw, or juiced.
  4. A list of neutral foods depending on your level to add variety and flavors to your meals that promotes the cleansing process.
  5. The signature Chia Tonic is delicious and can be consumed throughout the entire cleanse. Drink it hot or cold. This tea does wonders for the nervous system, helps cut cravings, and gives you natural energy.
  6. Flexibility to allow your own inner guidance to lead you on what is best for YOU.   Your cleanse, your way!



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