Nuts over Soaking Your Nuts and seeds

Soaking your nuts & seeds

Anyone who has ever known me while on The 40 Day Green Cleanse knows that I’m a big fan of including green nuts and seeds in our regimen as they add a variety of essential vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and are a wonderful source of plant protein and fibers.   They lend a wide range of flavor and complexity to the multitude of recipes recommended on our program.  Lets not forget the inclusion of nuts and seeds are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet; THE BENEFITS ARE ENDLESS!

But what’s the one thing most people forget to do before eating nuts and seeds??  

That’s right, most people forget to soak and dehydrate their nuts & seeds before eating!  Many people are not aware of the fact that in order to absorb all of the proper nutrients that nuts and seeds have to offer, preparation is key!   

NOTE: cashews do not need to be soaked- but you will benefit as they are more gentle on our gut, and more creamy in dishes.

FOUR Reasons Why You Should be Preparing, Soaking and Dehydrating your Nuts & Seeds  


Nuts and seeds go through a long journey before they hit the grocery shelves.  Soaking them ensures they get a nice, good ‘ol scrubbin’!

2. LOTS O’ FLAVOR                                                                                                                                          

Soaking your Nuts and Seeds brings out the complexities in their flavor.   In my opinion, that’s a pretty good reason to soak them!     

#3. BREAKIN’ IT DOWN                                                              

Nuts and seeds are high in digestible proteins, healthy fats, enzymes, minerals, and essential vitamins. When soaked, the fats and starches are broken down, and as a result, the body will use these for energy, rather than fat storage. When soaked, enzymes are activated and acids are neutralized, thus increasing nutritional bioavailability.  

#4. BALANCE OUT YOUR PH!                                                                                                    

Bacteria and disease do not survive in a balanced pH state.  When Nuts and Seeds are soaked and germinated, their pH levels rise, and made more alkaline-rich, thus, preventing your body from maintaining an acidic state (inflammation) to a state that has healthy pH levels.

Do Soaked Nuts and Seeds Have to be Dehydrated?

You will get optimal nutritional value if you both soak and dehydrate your nuts/seeds but if you are unable to dry the nuts or seeds, it is best to soak only the amount you will be using within a two or three day time period as mold tends to set in within days if you are not careful.  To store, keep soaked in water, sealed tight and placed in the fridge. It is important to rinse them twice a day with fresh water if they are not being eaten right away.  Don’t have a dehydrator?  Don’t worry! Scroll down to find the easy bake method.

How To Soak and Dehydrate Your Pistachios and Pepitas 

  • Soak your Organic and Raw Pistachios 7-12 hours and Pepitas for 7-24 hours.  Make sure water is covering  the the nuts/seeds.  Usually about 1:2 ratio.
  • Add approx. 1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt or sea salt for every cup of nut or seed.  
  • Keep covered on the counter and away from sunlight.
  • When done, rinse well.
  • Dehydrate or low bake!  
  • Remove any floaters-they are bloaters

How to Dehydrate your Pistachios and Pepitas (Best Method)

  • Spread the pistachios or pepitas on the mesh sheet that comes with the dehydrator.
  • Keep them in a single layer and dry them at 100-110 degrees (F) anywhere from 12-18 hours or until they are thoroughly dry and crisp.  Make sure they are completely dry.  If not, they could mold and they won’t have that crunchy, yummy texture you expect from nuts and seeds.
  • Allow them to cool to room temperature before storing.
  • Store in airtight containers such as mason jars

*The dry time will vary due to the machine you own, the type of climate you live in and how full your dehydrator is when drying them.

Don’t Own a Dehydrator?  Here is my Baking Method (Second Best Method)    

This is not the most optimal method as far as nutritional value goes, but it is better than no drying at all!  roasting (1)

  1. Spread the pistachios or pepitas on a baking sheet
  2. Keep them in a single layer and bake at the lowest oven temperature of 150 degrees (F) until they are thoroughly dry and crisp- 8-12 hours (check frequently until the softness in the middle is crunchy).  Make sure they are completely dry.

*NOTE: Some ovens start at 170-175 degrees (F)- do the best with what you have and enJOY the amazing taste!





Well there you have it!  Now you know why I’m such a stickler for soaking and drying your nuts & seeds before eating them.   Start soaking and dehydrating today and spread the nutty news!

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From my inner-g to yours,



To find out more on how to soak ALL nuts/seeds  besides the ones listed on this page check out:

Radiant Life- Soaking Nuts and Seeds





*On The 40 Day Green Cleanse?  Refer to your daily nut and seed allowances for optimal results.

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