Juice for Love 4 tips on juice cleansing

Cleansing is my favorite way of rebooting my system when my body calls for it .  I enjoy having a variety of ways to eat and drink on a cleanse, and for that exact reason The 40 Day Green Cleanse was created.  And now we will be benefiting from cleansing with juice and broth which can also be added to our cleansing reportoire.  Our ‘Juice for Love’ cleanse has a transition period (first and last 3 days) which includes SOLID foods.  That means you may only be juicing for 5 out of the 11 days, and you can adjust this to suit your needs.

“Juice for Love” the juice + broth cleanse kicks off on April 11  and will stay open for the month of April.  

Juicing is an effective way to reboot, to absorb a high amount of nutrients, and a good way to detox unnecessary toxins and inflammation from the body.  The anti-inflammatory benefits of cleanisng with green foods or juice is my top favorite benefit as my body completely starts feeling/looking different along with the mental clarity that comes with it.

1. How much juice is enough?

People are asking me how much juice is enough while on a juice cleanse? I always use the general rule of 16-30 ounces a meal to replace your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For snacks, go with your gut to determine how much is enough.

Most juice fasters drink between one and three quarts of juice a day which includes broth and herbal teas.  Make sure you also drink high quality water in between.

2. Listen to your inner-G (guru, greatness, genius!) 

Besides all the goodies that comes with cleansing, it also gives individuals the opportunity to reconnect with their Inner Guidance.  Listening to our own inner-G for true GPS e is where it’s at! Your whole system of body, mind, and spirit is the source of wisdom and you should never ignore your Inner-G over advice from another source. You can apply your Inner Guidance to anything and everything.  In cleansing, you can apply it to how much and how many days.  

3. Drink a variety

Drink a variety of juices throughout your fast so that you provide your body with different nutrients. I encourage for your juices to be primarily GREEN and the use of fruits at a minimum.  

4. Limit your fruits

How many fruits can I include in my juices? The guidelines for a healty juice cleanse is to make sure you don’t overdue your fruits on the cleanse! It’s tempting to add fruits to your juices because they taste better.  When you buy juices at the store, they are sweetened up with fruits so you come back for more.  You don’t want to spike up your sugar levels on a cleanse or when you’re not cleansing.  My personal suggestion is to only consume 20% of fuits in my morning juices and I throw in a lemon for my lunch and dinner options.

4. Remember your healthy fats! (I can’t stress this enough)

Taking your healthy fats will help you not to feel light-headed.  You will also diminish the feeling of being hungry while helping you to feel more clear.

Juice fasts are known for being extremely low fat but the irony is this greatly reduces the chance of getting the most benefit from the nutrients that are taken in.

Oils are highly suggested on the cleanse as well as everyday when we’re not cleansing.  Both Women and Men over 18 years of age need about 6 tsp. of healthy oils a day in their regular diet. For a juice cleanse choose between 1-2 teaspoons of healthy fat a day.  When choosing your oils, try different oils during your day or week such as avocado, hemp, and coconut.   You may also replace 1 teaspoon of oil with 1/2 an avocado in your smoothie.

Want to make your juice go further?  Add a teaspoon of hemp oil or coconut oil to the mix to aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K. Adding this will also help with fat loss (thermogenesis) as well as the fat slowing down the digestion of sugar which in turn gives you more lasting energy. Adding oils will also make you feel fuller and this helps in preventing cravings or going off the edge.  

My favorite oil on the planet is hempseed oil. This oil has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and contains the highest percentage of essential fatty acids in any oil. It contains the perfect balance of omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for cell growth, healthy circulation, and improving the immune system. The high content and good balance of omega-3 in this oil makes it a good vegetarian alternative to fish oil.  Adding Hempseed oil to your diet will benefit your heart, nervous system, improve your skin,  sleep, your brain, and help maintain healthy joints.  It supports memory and improves cognitive function as well.

How to use it?

Hempseed oil should be used cold to reap its health benefits. This oil is not suitable for cooking or frying at high temperatures.  Store hempseed oil in a dark cool place.  I suggest to mix hempseed oil along with coconut and/or olive oil on your cleanse to truly deliver the essential fatty acids that you need.  Take a shot of hemp before your drink your juice or add it into your juice, although you may not approve of the ‘nutty’ flavor but you’ll get used to it and you’ll even look forward to it when you start feeling good!

Of all the oils, coconut oil tastes the best for adding it into your juice but only use organic and fair trade. If you only choose to take in coconut oil remember that it contains a lot of omega 3 but very little omega 6 (1%).  Choose unrefined or refined organic oils.  The difference is that refined coconut oil is tasteless and great to keep around for cooking on med/high heat.

Coconut oil may be melted down in order to add it to your juice or you can blend it with your smoothie.  I have yet to find a good liquid coconut oil that I trust and is organic- so melting it down or just eating it off a spoon is the best option.

The “Juice for Love” 11 day juice and broth cleanse gives you more variety and options when it comes to juice cleansing.  And, community cleansing gives you the opportunity to ask questions from our members and feel supported. For me, the feeling of “I am not the only one” gives me energy to get through the most challenging times of the cleanse knowing that there is most likely someone else experiencing  what I am going through.  

Here’s to vibrant health, high energy foods, and awakening your inner-g!


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