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The 40 Day Green Cleanse Resources

Water  is  an  essential  element  to  your  success  throughout  The  40 Day  Green   Cleanse  and  beyond.  For  maximum  results, drink  a  lot of  purified  water  during  the  day and be  sure  to  drink  water  at  the correct  time  for  optimum  health.

Upon  awakening   

Drink  2  glasses  of  room  temperature  or  warm  water  when  you  wake  up  in  the   morning.  This  helps  your  internal  organs  to  activate  and  fires  up  your   metabolism,  giving  YOU  natural  energy.         


Drink  1  glass  of  water  30  minutes  before  each  meal.  This  supports  proper   digestion.    Plus,  the  water  fill  you  up  so  you  end  up  consuming  less  food  which   aids  in  weight  loss.                   


Drink  1  glass  of  water  before  bed  to  decrease  the  chance  of heart  attacks,   strokes,  and  night  time  leg  cramps.         


Are  you  drinking  enough  water?       

A  good  rule  is  to  drink  half   of  your  body  weight  in  ounces.   Example  a  150  lb  person  is  recommended  to   drink  75  ounces  of  water  a  day  =  9+  glasses  of  water  a  day.      One  glass  of   water  =  8  oz  


*If  you  sweat  excessively  also  add  additional  water  to  your  day.  

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