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How do I decide which of the 4 levels is right for me? Be sure to read through each of the four levels and intuitively check in with yourself. What feels most sustaining and supportive for you in this moment?  Perhaps start at a level 3 or 4 which are easier levels for 10 days and then switch to a more cleansing level after the initial 10 days.

What if I don’t want to commit for 40 days? You have arrived at the perfect place. This cleanse is YOUR cleanse. You can start by committing to a shorter amount of days and then recommit for more days if you desire once you reach your initial goal. The 40 days serve as a container for this journey that goes beyond food or what you eat. Other beneficial elements such as the awareness practices that the program offers may trigger powerful change. Many choose to travel through the full 40 days to start developing clear communication with themselves and their bodies even though they only choose to eat the green foods for a lesser amount of time. The program is composed of different levels from advanced to beginner so you can choose which level feels best for you. You may also switch to another level at anytime during the 40 days.

Is there a price discount if I commit to a lesser amount of days? The price is the same for everyone as the 40 day container is here for you to develop everlasting healthier habits, new ways of eating, and new rituals for self lovin’. The 40 days are here for the possibility of creating a solid sense of self-awareness for greater clarity of one’s own life. I encourage you to commit for the 40 day journey even though you commit to eating green foods for a lesser amount of time. Be open to possibilities. This journey goes much deeper than the food that you eat. While on the cleanse, it is common for energy levels to rise and therefore, adding yoga, meditation, or suddenly becoming more passionate about one’s own life is possible.

Do I have to eat strictly vegetables? You choose which level you wish to start with on this cleanse. The level that I recommend for best cleansing benefits is level 1 or 2 (2 being most popular because you can use spices). You may only eat vegetables and fruits for optimal weight loss and detoxifying benefits at these levels. There are many delicious ways to prepare vegetables that you will find enjoyable. At level 3, you may add organic lean meats and some other foods. It’s perfectly fine to begin your 40 day journey at level 3 and later move to a different level as you feel more comfortable.

Can I do this cleanse if I don’t cook? Many “non-cookers” have gone through this cleanse. Ultimately, it is your choice how simple you’d like to make your foods. You can make or buy salads and juices daily from a good source, but it is most common for the non-cookers to end up making delicious soups and meals by the first week of the cleanse as they get inspired by the recipes I offer and by others posting easy and amazing meals in our secret Facebook group. Cooking and preparing healthy meals is a way to love yourself. This cleanse has transformed even the most “I eat only fast food” type of people for the better. I love having access to a local juice bar on the days I don’t have the time to make my own. You will soon find what works best for you. You may surprise yourself!

Can I enroll a week late? You may join The 40 Day Green Cleanse up to one week from the current start date. You can listen in to the Pow WOW call to catch up with the group. I keep the secret site open for one week after the initial 40 days are over to support the Green Team in making their transition off the cleanse and back to normal day to day life. It also stays open to allow for late arrivers to have a 40 day experience with group support. You will also be added to the LifeAfterThe40DayGreenCleanse secret Facebook page after you have completed the program. This page was created for additional support from veteran #greenteam members.

I have a family that requires me to cook for them daily. How does it work for someone like me? I highly recommend preparing your family by clearly communicating your commitment to this experience. It is always best to let them know ahead of time so you can count on their support and educate them on the reasons you’re doing the cleanse. Ultimately, you are doing this to benefit everyone by making yourself a healthier person. Family members commonly appreciate that you are taking care of your needs – even if they resist it or not show support at first. Perhaps there is someone in the family who can step into the cooking role for 40 days. Or perhaps the family will LOVE these new green additions to their menu. I have heard time and time again how children and parents who never ate vegetables before the cleanse are now enjoying these new green dishes and can’t go without greens daily. Miracles do happen!

Are the foods expensive to shop for? Eating healthy and organic is definitely an investment in yourself. You can get around the high cost of organic veggies and fruits from high end grocery stores by shopping at the local farmers market and perhaps getting spices at a local Mexican mercado or Little India. I recommend using whole organic ingredients and take that into account when you do your shopping. If you’re on a budget, you may choose non-organic foods also. You can still do the 40 day journey on a different level and commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle overall within the 40 days. Remember, there will be some money saved by not eating out as much. You will definitely see the benefits of eating at home and taking time to make meals and teas for yourself. It may seem expensive at first, but in the end you’re saving money.

How do I prepare for this cleanse? Once you enroll, I send out the details you need to prepare for your cleanse as well as a list of foods and ingredients. You will also be added to the secret page about a week before to view the recipes and additional information.

I don’t need to lose weight. Can I still benefit from The 40 Day Cleanse? Absolutely. This cleanse will help incorporate balance in all areas of your life; mind, body and spirit. This cleanse has been done by many as their own personal spiritual practice as you will be getting closer to the truth of who you really are. It will help your shed excess layers from your life, on both the physical and energetic levels. The green foods contain nutrients and important minerals that will invigorate you and energize you to live a more passionate life! On this program, you will develop tools for empowerment to help you develop a healthier lifestyle beyond the cleanse. In my opinion, body awareness, clarity of mind, better sleep, connection to self, and vibrant energy will have a greater impact in one’s life than the pounds that are shed.

I live outside of the country, can I still join the cleanse? There have been many Green Team members from Europe, Mexico, and other parts of the states that successfully completed this online program. The check-ins are done via Facebook and the calls are recorded so everyone has access to play them back at their earliest convenience.

Should I continue taking my vitamins, supplements, or medication on this cleanse? I advise you to consult your doctor or nutritionist if you are taking supplements, vitamins, or medication before you start this cleanse. While on this cleanse, your body will start to communicate what you might need. Tune in and listen. Your body will tell you if you need a check up with your nutritionist or doctor to know if YOUR body needs anything “extra” that a healthy green diet and exercise won’t give you during the 40 days alone.

Are there any vitamins or supplements that might be beneficial while on this cleanse? Dr. Edrich is my holistic doctor/nutritionist and supports The 40 Day Green Cleanse. He recommends that everyone can take minerals (Electro-PH is his favorite brand) on a daily basis on or off the cleanse because most people are deficient. An easy test (takes 15 seconds) can be done every few days to check the p.h. in your body. If your p.h. is low (acidic) take the minerals by his recommended dosage. If your body is highly alkaline, then you don’t take the minerals; It’s that easy! To keep your body disease-free your p.h. must be at a high alkaline state and adding minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, sodium, and potassium will help your body become alkaline; along with eating green alkaline nutrient rich foods. For more information on these minerals please call 562-799-0320 and ask for Dr. Edrich. You can place an order with him and he will direct you personally on how to use them. No appointments needed. Dr. Edrich also recommends Psyllium Husk powder for bowel movement, if needed. The cost for Electro-PH Complex and p.h. paper test averages $40. Please consult with your doctor or physician before adding or taking something out of your diet.

If I do the cleanse with a friend/roommate/spouse, can I enroll once for the both of us? No. I developed this program with all of its components to serve each individual with their personal journey to success. There are other elements to this program other than eating a green food diet. There is a personal questionnaire and intention form on the website to provide you with a clear direction on this journey.  You will have your private log in name and access code to enter the private site.  Only one member per access code is allowed.   I ask that only the members I have added view this page to keep the information and discussions completely private and maintain a high degree of integrity. Also included is our live POW WOW call and encourages each person to participate (call is recorded for convenience) and engage in the conversation to make this cleanse more beneficial for each individual. The calls, the secret membership site, the personal questionnaire, intention forms, are all part of big individual change. This is a personal journey in a collective setting with a high degree of integrity and authenticity. I hope that you invite your friends, family, and loved ones to join us on this journey.

Can I do this cleanse more than once or back to back? Absolutely! At the end of the first 40 days, the “new you” will make that choice. I recommend you take it one day at time no matter how you feel. You can make that decision at the end of the 40 days. I have done this cleanse back to back with a 2 week break in between because I crave being healthy. It’s possible that it could become a lifestyle for you as it has for myself and many more. Remember, there are 4 levels to choose from and a level 4 is a lifestyle choice that includes more balanced fruits and veggies for eating clean after the cleanse.

Do I need a Facebook account to do this program?   No, we do have a Member’s Only Portal that has the daily countdown, over 100+ recipes,  Personal Reflection Form, recorded quadrant calls and more- but you will be missing the interactions between the Facebook community and the Live Facebook videos. Most members have voted that they prefer the Facebook platform and we also understand that not everyone will want to be on social media.  That is why we have created a Member’s Only website and a Facebook private members page for you to choose what works best for you.

I am private and prefer individual support. How do I get personalized support?  If you wish to do private “Inner-G” coaching with me, then we engage in private conversations via email and telephone. Click here for details about my coaching packages.

How am I supported after this cleanse? Participants often discover that they will incorporate their newfound eating habits learned while on The 40 Day Green Cleanse into their daily life after the cleanse. Once you eliminate ingesting highly toxic foods, back to eating what is truly natural, I will guide you on how to transition off the cleanse and into a daily routine. As you incorporate new foods, your body will communicate to you on what it agrees with and what foods cause it discomfort. All the new practices are useful in living the healthiest and most aware life possible after the cleanse. For added support, you become a member of our secret LifeAfterThe40DayGreenCleanse page where all veteran #greenteam members come together to support each other.

Do you recommend colonics while on this cleanse? Your body will be the best judge of that. I am a fan of adding colonic treatments while doing a cleanse. I have found that colonics alone do not give the best results if you have not prepared your body first with a proper elimination diet such as a level 1 or 2 on The 40 Day Green Cleanse. The deepest work of a colonic treatment is removing the plaque that is built up in the intestines that may have been building up your entire life. A proper diet ensures you get the most for your money while doing a colonic treatment.

Can I still enroll in the cleanse if I am nursing? While you are nursing, I do not recommend joining any kind of cleanse or diet program. I have had a few nursing mothers ask their doctors and they said it was beneficial to do this type of program because it is eating from the healthiest food choices available. You have to be the judge and ask your doctor for approval before enrolling in The 40 Day Green Cleanse.

Can I do this cleanse if I am anemic? I would definitely check your blood counts with your doctor and keep checking on them while you are cleansing. There are many foods high in iron which you can incorporate on this cleanse that can help anybody who is anemic. But I would ask your doctor before starting any cleanse or diet.

Can I do this cleanse if I am diabetic? I have had many diabetics enroll in The 40 Day Green Cleanse and have learned new ways of eating to maintain their sugar levels regulated with much success. Ask your doctor before starting any new diet or cleanse program.

Will this cleanse help me prepare to conceive a child? Yes! Eating green foods are extremely high in folic acid which your body needs to prepare the body to conceive. This cleanse at a level 1 or 2 can give you high doses of folic acid and is better absorbed naturally by your body in comparison to taking a pill. Folic acid also helps prevent the risk of many unwanted defects in the fetus. Learning to take care of yourself and eat a healthier diet is a vital part to being a new mother and is highly beneficial to all parts of your chosen new path. Of course, this program will not guarantee you will get pregnant.

I have health issues or concerns, can I still join this cleanse? Consult with your doctor. I am not a doctor or a licensed nutritionist.

Disclaimer: Are you nursing, pregnant or have a medical condition? 
This isn’t the time to cleanse if you are pregnant.  If you are nursing or have a medical condition please check with your doctor before starting any special diet or cleanse.  You are responsible for your well-being and health. I am not a doctor or licensed nutritionist. Cleanse at your own risk and listen to your own body wisdom.