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“Discover what countless men and women around the world already know and are excited about!”


_Fav Armando-794A Note From Yve Hart, founding Mother of The 40 Day Green Cleanse

I am excited and happy to reveal the TOP SECRET reason why The 40 Day Green Cleanse is so different and unique from other cleanses and diet programs! This program was specially designed by me to offer you results you can experience and enjoy for yourself and your family – for life!

The 40 Day Green Cleanse is not just a new way of eating. It’s a guided online group cleanse on Facebook and also with a NEW MEMBER’S ONLY SITE, as well as a transformational experience that provide daily tools for self-awareness so you embody health, mindfulness, and self love starting today.

This program includes Facebook Live coaching with Yve,  daily connection and online engagement with the #greenteam community on Facebook, 100+ members only recipes,  a reflection form for deeper impact, mind, body, and self lovin’ practices, PDF that prepares you for the cleanse and includes shopping lists and details, access to our online portal, and much more!

Throughout this program you will prepare, eat, and enjoy the most amazing delicious green meals – both raw and/or cooked – and experience remarkable results. While the cleanse is a full 40 days, you may opt to start with a shorter cleanse based on your comfort level. You may also choose from 4 different levels of cleansing from vegan to vegetarian to animal protein options. You can eat as simply or as gourmet as you like! This program is catered to your needs.

The 40 Day Green Cleanse is a holistic program where you not only eat G(reen) vibrant foods. You also awaken and align to your Inner-G.

What Is Inner-G?

Inner-G stands for Green, Greatness, Guidance, Guru, or any other meaningful G word you wish to assign it. At its more, Inner-G is an internal guidance system that allows you to own and honor your greatness while releasing the unhealthy, unhappy, and addictive relationship with food that so many of us have. You will also release toxins, fat, and emotions while experiencing and embodying newfound health, beauty, and Inner-G(Greatness) from the inside out.

Now you know the secret! Your Inner-G has all the answers to living a life of aliveness and maintaining your ideal weight for life!

Lots of G-LOVE


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Each level is distinct, designed to meet your specific needs depending on your comfort level, health, goals, and intuition.

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